Limited Liability Company “NORD WIND”
Legal address: Leningradskaya str., building 25, office 27.28, Moscow region, Khimki city, 141402, Russia
Actual address: Leningradskaya str., building 25, 18th floor of «Mebe One Khimki Plaza» Business centre, Moscow region, Khimki city, 141402, Russia
Address for correspondence: 564 P/O box, 18 Moskovskaya street, Khimki, Moscow region, 141402, Russia

For passengers:

Subject Contact phone E-mail for requests Additional Information
Reference information, transportation rules:
hand baggage/baggage
unaccompanied children
pregnant children,
sport equipment,
dangerous baggage
+7 (495) 730-50-80
the place of purchase of the ticket.
Additional services:
special meal
animal transportation
accompanying passengers with disabilities
registration of excess/oversized/heavy baggage
the place of purchase of the ticket.
Terms of treatment (before departure):
• meals – over 24 h
• animal transportation – over 24 h
• passengers with disabilities – over 48 h
Information on the time of departure/arrival of the flight +7 (495) 730-50-80 Online timetable  
Purchase a ticket
any ticket office in your city.
Acknowledgments, suggestions, complaints
Claims containing material demands, due to flight delays, late delivery, damage, loss of baggage. Address for correspondence:
141402, Russia, Moscow Region, Khimki, Moskovskaya street 18,
PO Box 564
Download detailed information.
Confirmation of a flight Download detailed information.
Download application.
search of a baggage/baggage damage at the airport in the service Lost & Found
Change in the passenger data, exchange/refund of the ticket When buying on the airline website —,
else — the place of purchase of the ticket.
Rules exchange and refund of the ticket.

For counterparties:

Department E-mail
Staff department
Settlement with counterparties department
Ground Support department
Fuel Service department
Cargo department
Marketing department
E-commerce development department е-с

For other issues:
Phone: +7 (495) 730-43-30
Fax: +7 (495) 730-25-93