Paid baggage

If quantity, weight and/or dimensions of your baggage exceeds the free baggage allowances in aircraft, it must be booked and paid additionally:

  • on the website when buying an air ticket
  • at check-in counter in the airport before departure.

Fares for excess baggage booking on the website and at the airport may vary.

The possibility of booking such baggage at the airport of departure depends on the technical capabilities of the airline.

Based on technologies of departure airport, excess/oversized/heavy baggage can be booked for transportation at a separate check-in counter.

Excess baggage

Excess baggage is the passenger's items whose weight exceeds the free baggage allowances established by carrier.

In case if Passenger submits less amount of baggage in terms of its weight or amount, than booked and paid for, the Carrier will refund the difference of excess baggage fee between the booked and factual weight.

Upon the Carrier’s consent during a docking/transfer flights Passenger may reduce or increase his/her baggage weight and number of pieces.

  • If Passenger increases weight and/or number of pieces of his/her baggage along a route, such Passenger shall pay for baggage exceeding the toll-free allowance in terms of its weight or dimensions.
  • If the Passenger reduces the baggage weight en-route, the Carrier will not re-calculate the baggage transportation fee.

The Carrier has the right to apply restrictions or refuse carriage of excess baggage, if not agreed with the Carrier beforehand

Oversized and heavy-lift baggage

  • • Oversized baggage is considered as passenger's items, regardless of their name and destination, the dimensions of which in a packed form exceed 203 cm in three measurements.
  • • Heavy-lift baggage is the passenger's items, regardless of their name and destination, whose weight is more than 30 kg, but not more than 50 kg. Baggage of a higher weight is issued and transported as a cargo.

Oversized baggage may be accepted for carriage in case of dimensions of the aircraft loading hatches and cargo compartments are sufficient for loading/unloading and onboard placement of such baggage.

Oversized baggage shall have carriage handles and fastenings to be used when the baggage is moved to/from an aircraft and during flight.

Free baggage allowance does not apply to oversized/heavy baggage, and its transportation shall be paid by established fares.

Fares for transportation

If your baggage exceeds the standards for several categories of excess at the same time, the excess baggage rate will be the highest value.

Baggage category Excess Category Price between Russian cities Tariff zone 1

Tariff zone 2

Tariff zone 3

Tariff zone 4

Exceeding the number places

(With weight up to 30 kg1,
size of up to 203 cm in the sum of three dimensions)
1st place between Russian cities 2000 rub - - - -
2nd and each subsequent place between Russian cities 6000 rub - - - -
each place for international destinations - 35 €/$ 50 €/$ 50 €/$ 75 €/$
Excess weight for the only place of baggage weighing not more than 25 kg (up to 203 cm) 2000 rub 25 €/$ 25 €/$ 25 €/$ 50 €/$
for the only place of baggage weighing not more than 30 kg 1 (up to 203 cm) 50 €/$ 50 €/$ 70 €/$ 100 €/$
for any place of baggage (including the first) from 30 kg 1 to 50 kg (up to 203 cm) 6000 rub 70 €/$ 100 €/$ 100 €/$ 120 €/$
Exceeding the size For any place of baggage (more than 203 cm in the sum of three measurements) 6000 rub 70 €/$ 100 €/$ 100 €/$ 120 €/$

1 1 place up to 32 kg, till 04.12.17

You can find the terms of transportation of baggage before April 12, 2017 on page Transportation of baggage till 12.04.2017

* .

For international transportation, other restrictions may be imposed on the maximum weight, overall dimensions, the number of checked baggage due to current regulations and the state requirements of the departure airport (point), the airport (point) of the transfer and / or the airport (point of destination). The airline has the right to refuse to accept baggage for transportation, as checked baggage, the weight and size of which does not meet these requirements.

When registering, the passenger must present for weighing all baggage intended for transportation, except for personal belongings, which he may need during boarding (landing) in (from) the aircraft, as well as in flight, if they are in the passenger and not put in luggage.