Free Baggage Allowance and Hand luggage

Booking class Hand luggage
1 place 55x40x20=115 cm
1 place less 203 cm
Promo E, O, P, R 10 kg 5 kg 10 kg 20 kg
Standart B, L, M, N, H, Q, Т, V, X 10 kg 5 kg 20 kg 20 kg
Standard plus K, Y 10 kg 5 kg 20 kg 20 kg
Comfort S, W 10 kg 5 kg 32 kg 32 kg
Business C, D, Z 10 kg 5 kg 32 kg 32 kg

Free Baggage Allowance
– on domestic and international directions from 12.04.17,
Also Hand luggage
– on domestic directions from 12.04.17,
– on international directions from 25.04.17

In certain areas and for individual tariffs, there may be exceptions to the standard conditions for a free baggage allowance. The passenger will be notified of them when booking the transportation.

The norms of free baggage allowance and hand luggage apply to:
– adult passengers;
– children from 2 to 12 years;
– children up to 2 years of age with a seat.

For children under 2 years of age, without providing a separate seat, only a free baggage allowance is allowed, which is 1 seat weighing not more than 10 kg and a sum of three measurements not exceeding 203 cm. Hand luggage isn`t allowed.

Attention! If you purchased tickets before 12.04.2017 on directions between the cities of Russia or Moscow-Yerevan / Yerevan-Moscow the transportation of excess baggage will be paid, based on its actual weight, on baggage fares valid on 11.04.2017 inclusive.

According to the concept of baggage seats in the airline, baggage carried by passengers is registered for each passenger separately. If passengers transporting together and can confirm it documentary, baggage combining is allowed for condition of each baggage seat doesn’t exceed tariff rates.

he free baggage allowance does not apply to:
– Passenger's belongings, regardless of their name and designation, the dimensions of which in the packed form exceed 203 cm (the total size of the three dimensions of each piece of baggage), such baggage is considered oversized;
– hand luggage, the dimensions of which in the sum of three measurements exceed 115 cm (55 × 40 × 20cm);
– the passenger's things, regardless of their name and designation, weighing more than 32 kg but less than 50 kg, such baggage is considered heavy. Baggage of greater weight is issued and transported as cargo;
– pets (birds), service dogs and food for animals, except for dog-conductors, accompanying passengers, deprived of sight.

Transportation above the specified baggage is paid based on its actual weight at published baggage fares, regardless of other things the passenger is transported as luggage.