Ticket booking

You can purchase tickets for domestic flights using both international and general passport. You should enter name, surname and middle name:
— in Latin, if you use international passport;
— in Cyrillic, if you use general passport (in case of Russian Federation citizenship).
When you check-in please provide passport you used for your booking.
When you purchase tickets for domestic flights you should enter name, surname and middle name in Latin, as in your international passport.
Number of birth certificate should be indicated as below: IРУ898867 (first letter in Latin, second and third letters in Cyrillic, then numbers; no spaces and “-“symbols allowed).
At the moment you can choose seat number only during check-in , in 24-3 hours before the flight, or at the check-in counter at the airport. Possibility of choosing seat number during the booking will be available soon.
It is not possible to buy ticket for unattended child (children) via website. Please contact our partner agencies: https://pegast.ru/where-to-buy (agencies with icon “Air tickets”). Agency will send request to Ticket department Pegas Touristik, which will contact Air Company. After that you have to wait for confirmation. Your agency will advise you about that.
To book a ticket for a child under 12 y.o. (25% discount from adult ticket price) please contact air tickets sales office in your city. Sales manager will make separate booking for a child and put number of child’s relative in notice. Unfortunately it is not possible to book such thickets via website.
You can book a ticket for a 12+ child on air company website nordwindairlines.ru
You need permission to accompany the child:
- no need for domestic flights,,
- for international flights please provide notarized consent signed by both parents (if the child fly with adult relative) or signed by one parent (if child fly with one of parents).
Subsidized tickets are available only for Russian citizens. Read more here.
You can pay for your ticket on the website using Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard и Maestro cards. Please check commission and conversion rates with bank issuer. You need to verify your card for transaction.
There are few reasons of it:
- you don’t have enough funds or credit limit on your card;
- Online purchase can be not available for your card (please contact your bank),
- if you have enough funds and online purchase is available for your card, but you can’t buy the ticket, please send us screenshot or text of error; - Your card must have 3D-Secure activated to make payment on our website (please contact your bank).
It is not possible. Please contact tour operator or sales offices
Local time for each airport.
You can check you fare (booking class) via My ticket service:
— enter your ticket number and passenger surname,
— click “Find the booking”,
— open the "Flight" section.
In the line "Your tariff" the name of your tariff and services included in it will be presented.
Go to Fares and check all details, from baggage and hand baggage allowance to terms of change/cancellation of tickets.
Information about the fare (booking class) can be checked via My Ticket service:
- enter ticket number and passenger’s name, - click "Find an order",
- open route receipt (Example of route receipt issued on nordwindiarlines.ru., Example of route ticket issued by agencies).
In the line "Class" or "KL" will be displayed letter that is assigned to your tariff.
Go to Fares section and check detailed conditions of your fare from rules for carrying baggage and hand luggage up to the exchange / refund rules.

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