Web check-in

Online check-in advantages

  • Check in for your flight from home or office

    All you need is a PC or mobile device

  • You can select yourself a particular seat in the plane

    In accordance with the terms of the "Seat Selection" service

    Learn more about the service
  • Don't stand in lines to check in

    Use your mobile boarding pass for preflight inspection (not for all airports)

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Online check-in conditions

  • You fly with Nordwind Airlines (N4) flights
  • There is no more than 24 hours and not less than 1 hour* prior to the departure.
    *4 hours for flights departing from airports to Russia (except for Antalya, Erevan, Cam Ranh, Cancun).
  • You don’t carry any animals, weapons or baggage in a passenger’s seat
  • You don’t need any additional services. For example: accompanying a PRM, assistance to an unaccompanied minor and others.
  • There are no prohibited items or substances in your hold or cabin baggage

How do I check-in online?

  • Step 1

    Search of a passenger

    State in the form your name and ticket number. Then press “Search” button. If you have fellow-travelers, add them by pressing “Add a passenger” button. Once you filled-in all data, press «Go to online check-in».

  • Step 2


    During check-in you may choose a seat onboard and order additional services. Once you choose necessary services, press «Check-in» button.

  • Step 3

    Payment for additional services

    Pay for the previously chosen additional services. When making payment, state your phone number and email. These are necessary to send you a payment receipt.

  • Step 4

    Get your boarding pass

    Receive and print out the boarding pass. You will need it for security check and for boarding. If you don’t have an opportunity to print it out, you may apply to the check-in counters at the airport.

Information for transfer passengers

If you travel by transit flights, you have to remember that the registration for each individual area opens 24 hours and ends 1 hour before the flight departs in its direction.

If during the online registration, more than 24 hours remain before the departure time of the second flight, the registration will be available only for the first leg of the route.

For your convenience you can:

  • use the online registration service step by step for each flight (in accordance with the beginning and end periods of online registration for this flight)
  • use the online registration service once for all flights en route (in the period, which coincides with the period of online registration for both flights en route)

  • Important information

    Baggage rules for transfer passengers

    If you are traveling from an airport in the Russian Federation in transit through the Sheremetyevo airport to any airport out of the Russian Federation border, you can check in for the flight and check in your baggage to the end destination (and also for the return direction), provided:

    • issuing tickets on a single form
    • absence of goods subject to customs declaration in luggage. Learn for more....

Mobile boarding pass

On flights departing from:

  • Sheremetyevo Airport (Moscow), domestic and international flights;
  • Vladivostok Airport, direct domestic flights;
  • Tolmachevo Airport (Novosibirsk), domestic flights,
  • Pashkovsky Airport (Krasnodar), domestic flights,

      when passing through the pre-flight inspection, at the passport control, on boarding and on board the aircraft, it is sufficient to present the boarding pass on the screen of the portable device.

      It is recommended:

      • to save the boarding pass on your portable device in case no Internet connection is available
      • to ensure your device is charged

      For other airports we recommend to clarify the possibility in the information service of the departure airport

Important information

  • Online check-in is not available for flights departing from the following countries:

    Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Maldives, North Macedonia, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Thailand, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates,

    and also airports: Dushanbe, Tajikistan; Izmir, Turkey; Issyk-Kul (Tamchy), Kyrgyzstan; Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan

  • Upon arrival at the airport a passenger must provide his/her baggage, cabin baggage and personal belongings for weighing and registration.
  • For passengers with «Lite Economy» and «Optimum Economy» tarriffs as well as for charter flights' passengers online check-in is available only through ordering a seat. See more information about «Seat Selection» service. If you don’t need online check-in, you may use a standard check-in procedure at the airport.
  • You may get the information about the allowances for hold baggage and excess baggage here.
  • Even if you are checked-in online, remember about the time necessary to undergo all mandatory pre-flight procedures (security control and, in case of an international flight – customs control). We recommend arriving at the airport in advance!
  • If after online check-in you want to change or return your ticket, please apply to the airline’s contact centre at least 40 minutes prior to the departure.
  • To ensure flight safety, the airline reserves the right to change your seat onboard, if the pilot-in-command so instructs.
  • There is no online check-in for Hahn Air (H1) tickets.
  • After check-in for flights from some foreign airports the passenger shall receive a notification, stating that he/she has to apply to a check-in counter at the airport to get a standard-issue boarding pass.
  • Check-in for a flight thought the self check-in kiosks at the airport is available for passengers who purchased «Seat Selection» service.

When pressing «Go to check-in» button, I agree with the online check-in terms

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