Lost Tickets Refunds and Cancellations

Lost Tickets Refunds and Cancellations

The ticket validity shall be renewed for departure of the next flight of Transporter with a free place with same service tariff category as paid initially if passenger was not able to depart within the initial ticket period in the following cases:

  • cancellation of flight booked by passenger;
  • cancellation of aircraft landing at waypoint which is point of departure, destination, transfer, stop-over for passenger;
  • failure to provide passenger with services according to the class indicated in the ticket;
  • failure to provide passenger with a place in aircraft booked in advance.

In these cases ticket validity shall be extended without extra pay.

If passenger in possession of a ticket paid at standard or special tariff valid for one year request to book a seat while Transporter cannot provide it within the ticket validity period, validity of such ticket shall be extended till next flight of Transporter with a free place of same tariff service class as paid initially.

If passenger can’t complete initiated flight within the ticket validity period due to his illness or sickness of family member travelling with him on board, this ticket validity shall be extended to date set per medical evidence he or member of his family is able take a flight or after this date till next flight of Transporter with free places of same tariff service class as paid initially.

Each single tariff of Transporter may be subject to change.

If passenger declares a loss of ticket or erroneous execution or damage, Transporter makes all efforts within its reasonable control to determine fact of concluding air carriage agreement with passenger. Air carriage agreement with passenger is proved as actually made, Transporter accepts passenger for transportation according to terms and conditions of concluded air carriage agreement providing passenger with a duly issued ticket.

Requirements to Medical Document

To make an involuntary return of a ticket, it is necessary to send a request to the airline for canceling seats in the reservation before the end of registration at the airport, i.e. not later than 40 minutes before the flight departure, specifying detailed information about the place of purchase of the ticket. If the ticket has been booked at the airline’s website, the request must be sent via e-mail to: n4@nordwindairlines.ru, with which the contract of air transportation has been concluded (by purchasing an air ticket).

We remind you that processing requests may take some time. Please consider this when sending urgent requests.

The following documents are accepted as supporting documents: sick leave certificates (disability certificates), statements from the medical institution (hospital) with the dates of hospitalization, written statements on the medical institution forms issued by licensed medical institutions.

Color scanned copies of the originals of supporting medical documents need to be attached to the application.

Requirements for the documents being submitted:

  1. The presence of the seal and signature of the responsible persons (chief doctor / head of department / attending doctor);
  2. The presence of a seal of a medical institution with the full name of the medical institution;
  3. Date of issue of the document;
  4. The dates of treatment / hospitalization indicated in the certificates must include the date of flight.
    If the passenger has already been discharged as per the date of the flight, but the flight is still contraindicated for medical reasons, then an additional certificate from the attending doctor is required to confirm that air travel is contraindicated during this period.

A written statement issued by first-aid post of the airport must contain the following information:

  1. Reasons for the appeal;
  2. The presence in the medical document of the name of the first-aid post that issued the document;
  3. The presence of the seal of the first-aid post;
  4. Clearly readable name and position of the person issuing the document;
  5. Signature of the person that issued the document;
  6. The presence of the date of issue of the medical document;
  7. Correspondence of the date of the illness indicated in the medical document to the date of transportation.

In case of the illness of a family member / close relative, documents confirming kinship need to be additionally attached. A document confirming kinship is a document (or a set of documents) that allows you to clearly establish the required kinship.

The following persons are classified as family members and close relatives: spouses, parents and children (adoptive parents and adopted children), grandfathers, grandparents, grandchildren, full- and half-brothers and sisters.

The written statements issued outside the territory of the Russian Federation must be accompanied by a translation certified by a notary.

We inform you that the air carrier is not a party to the system of informational liaison on the data exchange for preparing a disability certificate in the form of an electronic document as per the meaning of p. 5, Art. 13 of the Federal Law No. 255-FZ dd. December 29, 2006. Due to that, we ask you to submit scanned copies of disability certificates issued in the form of a paper document. Please note that, according to the RF Social Insurance Fund letter No. 02-09-11/22-05-13462 dd. 11 August 2017, the prepared electronic disability certificate ceases to be valid if it is replaced by a disability certificate issued in the form of a paper document.

The airline has the right to request at its discretion the originals of medical documents. In case of fraud, the materials will be transferred to law enforcement agencies to resolve the issue of initiation of a criminal proceeding.

We wish you good health and nice flights!

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