Changes and Refunds

  • The following circumstances are considered eligible for involuntary refund:
    — cancellation or delay of the flight stated in the ticket;
    — rerouting (excluding adverse weather conditions and force majors);
    — flight operation out of schedule;
    — unavailability of a seat for a passenger on the flight and date, stated in the ticket;
    — if a passenger fails to board aircraft because of an enduring security search/screening, provided that during such search/screening no illegal substances or items are found;
    — if the carrier failed to ensure connection of flights provided these connection flights are a single trip;
    — Illness of a passenger of a member of his/her family travelling together with the passenger provided such illness is confirmed by appropriate medical documents, or in case of death of the passenger or his/her family member, provided the death is confirmed by appropriate medical documents, and provided that LLC “NORD WIND” is advised thereof before the end of check-in time stated in the ticket; More detailed information about the requirements for such medical documents is stated here;
    — if the carrier failed to provide a passenger with services as per the class, stated in the ticket;
    — In other cases when the passenger isn’t provided with transportation due to fault of LLC «NORD WIND»
  • For involuntary refund, please send a request to
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