Passengers check-in and baggage registration before departure

Passengers have to arrive at the airport to check-in and register baggage in advance to pass through established preflight formalities.

Check-in begins:
— not less than 3 hours (4 hours for Simferopol, Ekaterinburg and Voronezh) before departure time mentioned in the ticket,
— in different airport because of technical abilities and features check-in time can vary from the time mentioned above.

Check-in closes:
— in 40 minutes before departure

Passenger has to provide document proving his identity to check-in and register. Also, if needed passenger has to provide documents proving special transportation conditions (power of attorney for the child, medical certificate, etc).

During check-in passenger will get boarding pass with surname and initials of passenger, flight number, gate number, the end time of boarding for the flight and the number of the seat on the aircraft.

Note: In case of changes on the flight, the information is communicated to the passenger by voice announcement and displayed on the airport information displays.

During check-in and/or registering the baggage, passenger must present for weighing all the baggage intended for carriage as registered baggage.

When registering passenger, at the request of the employees of the airline or its authorized persons, must present for weighing hand luggage, as well as a backpack and when transporting the child, the baby cradle/wheelchair specified in the section “Baggage transportation”.

When baggage is issued, the passenger is given a part (tear-off coupon) of the number baggage tag, and the other part is attached to each piece of baggage accepted for carriage in the luggage compartment of the aircraft (hereinafter - checked baggage).

The number tag is used to identify each place of checked baggage and contains information about name surname of the passenger, baggage weight, flight number, departure date, departure airport and destination airport to which checked baggage is accepted for carriage. The number tag can contain other additional information. For special conditions of transportation, a special baggage tag can be attached to the checked baggage.

Nordwind Airlines is responsible for the safety of checked baggage and its packaging after taking the baggage for transportation.

In case of passenger's refusal to pay for the carriage of his baggage in the amount and on terms and conditions stated in the contract of air carriage of the passenger, Nordwind Airlines has the right to refuse passenger in transportation.

The airline shall take all possible measures for the joint placement on board the aircraft of an adult passenger or passenger who in accordance with the civil legislation of the Russian Federation has acquired full legal capacity until he reaches the age of eighteen and the next child (children) under the age of 12 years.

Check-in for a flight thought the self check-in kiosks at the airport is available for passengers who purchased «Choose a seat» service.