Nordwind Airlines together with “AlfaStrakhovanie PLC” offers you to purchase a comprehensive passenger in-flight insurance. After the booking and payment you will receive an automatically-generated insurance policy in PDF-form. The file containing the policy will be forwarded to the e-mail address, stated during the booking, along with the itinerary receipt.

Thanks to this unique technology you won’t need to go to an insurance company to get the policy in hard copy. All you have to do is to print it out.

The policy includes insurance of life and health up to 500 000 Rubles, baggage loss and damage insurance up to 40 000 Rubles and baggage delay insurance up to 10 000 Rubles as well as flight delay insurance up to 10 000 Rubles. The reliable protection in case of any unforeseen problems in flight will cost you only 300 Rubles for one-way flights without intermediary stops and 440 Rubles for one-way flights with intermediary stops, return flights and complicated routes*.

You may find the conditions for insurance and table regarding payments in case of insured accident in The terms of public offer on execution of an insurance agreement

* The insurance premium is stated per each Insured in Russian Rubles. The system shall generate a separate policy for each Insured passenger stated during the booking and payment of air ticket via The total cost of the service (the amount of insurance premium) for each policy is calculated separately on the basis of the flight type (“one way” or “return” flight with or without intermediary stops) as stated in the order and generated itinerary receipt.