Measures to prevent outspread of COVID-19 when flying to/from the Republic of Turkey

07 Aug

In addition to "Procedural guidelines for phased cancellation of epidemiological protection measures introduced to prevent COVID-19 outspread during renewal of passenger air transportation" (, it’s obligatory to comply with the following requirements for flights to/from the Republic of Turkey.

Prior boarding the aircraft

Passengers diagnosed with COVID-19 are not allowed onboard.

Medical masks

All passengers, except for children under 6 y.o., arriving to the Republic of Turkey and leaving it must wear medical masks at all times at the airport and onboard the aircraft.

Passengers who are unable to wear a mask for prolonged periods of time due to health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory problems, asthma or autism may travel wearing a face shield, provided that their condition is confirmed by a medical certificate..

At boarding

Passengers displaying symptoms such as fever (above 37.5 C), cough, runny nose, breathing difficulty are not be allowed to board the aircraft.

While boarding the aircraft, passengers must maintain social distance (minimum 1 meter).

All passengers arriving to the Republic of Turkey must fill in the Passenger Information Form*

Passenger information form

* The form is to be filled in only in Latin letters. The form must be given to the Turkish passport police at passport control.

When disembarking the aircraft

When disembarking the aircraft, passengers must maintain social distance.

All arriving passengers shall undergo temperature measuring

If a passenger’s temperature is above 37,5 С, he/she will be taken to a hospital to be tested for COVID-19.
Passengers with positive results shall be referred for treatment.
Treatment of private hospitals is covered by the passenger’s insurance.

Steps to be taken if a passenger is diagnosed with COVID-19 after the flight

Passengers who traveled in the same aircraft with a passenger diagnosed with COVID-19 and who were seated the two rows on the sides, in front of or behind such passenger should remain at home in self-isolation for 14 days and monitor for fever and respiratory symptoms (cough/breathing difficulty).

If a passenger have developed symptoms and is diagnosed with COVID-19 more than 48 hours after the flight, the passenger is deemed to be non-infectious during the flight.

Steps to be taken if a passenger onboard the aircraft displays COVID-19 symptoms

Passengers displaying COVID-19 symptoms are to be taken to the designated seats at the back of the cabin.

In order to prevent further spread of droplets, the air conditioning unit used by the passenger shall be turned off.

If a possible COVID-19 passenger is accompanied by another passenger, the companion shall also be taken to the designated seats, even if he/she does not display any symptoms.

Upon arrival to the Russian Federation

  • All foreign citizens arriving to the Russian Federation shall have a medical document (in Russian or English) evidencing negative COVID-19 PCR test results taken not more than three calendar days prior to the arrival to the RF.*
    In order to ensure sanitary control at Russian border entry points, arriving passengers must fill-in a form for passenger arriving to the RF.
  • If no medical document in Russian or English is available, it’s allowed to provide a document in an official language of the establishment country of the issuing medical organization accompanied by a Russian translation verified by a Russian consular official.
  • Russian citizens arriving to the Russian Federation from foreign countries must fill-in a hard copy of the form for passenger arriving to the RF.
    Form for passenger arriving to the RF

    It’s necessary to fill-in a Form for passenger arriving to the RF through Gosuslugi web-site**.
    ** Gosuslugi web-site / "e-Form for passenger arriving to the RF" / «Registration of passenger arriving to the RF».

    Within 3 calendar days the COVID-19 test results are to be added to the form***;
    *** Within 3 calendar days after arriving to the RF, a passenger must take COVID-19 PCR test results and add them through Gosuslugi web-site to «Test results to be provided by passengers arriving to the RF».
    In case of any health problems occurring within 14 calendar days from arrival to the RF, it’s necessary to contact a medical institution in the home/stay area without visiting the institution.

Covid-19 test. Information for passengers

More detailed information is published at the web-site of the Association of Aviation Medicine Physicians available here