Free tickets for veterans of the Great Patriotic War

28 Apr

Due celebration of the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, Nordwind Airlines opens the sale of tickets in the economic class of service to veterans of the GPW and accompanying persons with a 100% discount in the following destinations:

Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Simferopol - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - St. Petersburg - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Krasnodar - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Mineralnye Vody - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Volgograd - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Sochi - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Ekaterinburg - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Belgorod - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Chelyabinsk - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Kazan - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Rostov-na-Donu - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Nizhnekamsk - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Astrakhan - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Khabarovsk - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Cheboksary - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Magnitogorsk - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - Orenburg - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)

Period of sale: from 16 April 2017 to 16 May 2017 (inclusive)
The period of transportation: from 30 April 2017 to 16 May 2017 (inclusive)

One veteran of the GPW can be followed only by one accompanying person (citizen of the Russian Federation). Joint follow-up of the accompanying and followed necessarily.

The discount is provided to participants of the GPW 1941-1945. And invalids of the GPW 1, 2 and 3 groups of the GPW 1941-1945. (See the Federal Law on Veterans of 12.01.1995 5-FZ edition of 19.12.2016) upon presentation of the certificate.
The discount is not provided for persons who are equated to the participants of the GPW and invalids of the GPW.