Nordwind started sale of tickets for summer 2019

01 Feb

Nordwind Airlines started sale of tickets for summer flights to all destinations of its route network, comprising 75 cities in 22 countries of the world.
Even today you can plan your vacation and get privileges of early booking for most popular touristic destinations.
Customarily, Nordwind offers direct flights from 30 Russian cities to Black Sea resorts of the Crimea and Sochi. In addition, passengers are offered new flights to 6 Uzbekistan cities as well as to Mineralnye Vody to visit the famous health resorts of Kislovodsk and Essentuki.
“The airline has already started preparing its fleet for the summer season by refurbishing passenger cabins and installing in-flight entertainment system. We suggest our passengers choosing the destination for the summer vacation in the beginning of the new year, as we are doing our best for their convenience”, - said Andrey Efremov, the company’s sales director.