Nordwind starts selling tickets for the new flight Saint Petersburg ↔ Skopje

31 Aug

This autumn Nordwind airlines route program expands to include a new flight to North Macedonia from the Northern capital of Russia. Direct flights will be operated from 21st September, once a week, on Tuesdays according to the following schedule:

Flight Route Departure time/arrival time Flight time
N4 2109 Saint Petersburg – Skopje 11:10 – 13:35 3 h. 25 mins
N4 2110 Skopje – Saint Petersburg 14:40 – 18:55

As of 29th September, Nordwind airlines plan to increase the flights frequency from Moscow to the capital of North Macedonia. Direct flights Moscow ↔ Skopje will be operated three times a week - every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Travel time will take 3 hours 35 minutes.

See you on board!

Please book tickets at and from the official agents.

When planning your trip, you should check the information on the applicable visa rules and conditions when entering the country of destination. More details are available on the official Websitе of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in North Macedonia or follow the link