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Buy tickets with ease

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  • Free seats selection is available only for special seats situated in the end of the plane. Number of free seats may differ and is depending from the aircraft type. Availability of free seats on a specific flight is not guaranteed and not available on charter flights. seat choice
  • 500 miles welcome bonus for registration

Convenient choice of tariffs

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  • User friendly
  • Easy to search, select and book
  • Weather of your destination airport

Seat choice

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  • Select your seat next to the window
  • Select yourself a spacious seat for long-haul flights
  • Always seat together with your family, friends or colleagues

Plan and arrange your baggage online

  • Checked baggage volume increase
  • Hand luggage volume increase

Feel the taste in flight

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in-flight meals at an attractive price

Online check-in

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  • in any convenient place
  • boarding passes are always at hand