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To ensure flight safety passengers shall submit all their baggage items when checking-in for a flight. For the checked-in baggage the Air Carrier accepts all cost and risks, which is confirmed by the baggage tag placed onto such item, and carries it in the baggage compartments. Passengers are advised to place a name tag onto each item of the baggage, stating their name, flight number, date, and phone number. The checked-in baggage shall be handed over to a person submitting the baggage tag issued by the Air Carrier to identify such item of the checked baggage. 

The Air Carrier is entitled to inspect the passengers’ baggage, in both the departure and/or destination airports. If a passenger’s baggage is found to be excessive of the free baggage allowance or of the paid amount specified in the baggage receipt, such passenger shall pay for the excess baggage. 

If an amount of baggage submitted by a passenger for transportation exceeds the amount booked and paid for previously, such baggage shall not be transported unless the take-off weight of a certain flight allows this and the applicable fee has been paid in full.

The Carrier may limit baggage receipt or refuse to transport excess baggage, if such baggage has not been booked or its weight, dimensions, quantity, contents or packages do not satisfy applicable rules. In case a passenger is registered for a flight, but doesn’t show up for boarding, the baggage of such passenger together with the baggage and hand luggage of transit passengers not showed up for boarding, shall be removed from the aircraft.

For the checked-in baggage, the total of one piece’s three dimensions shall not exceed 160 cm, with one piece’s weight not exceeding 32 kg. When the Air Carrier accepts a checked-in baggage for transportation, the passenger will be issued the baggage tag.

For each piece of the checked-in baggage, the Air Carrier shall issue to the passenger the coupon specifying the baggage tag number. The baggage tag and coupon are intended to identify each baggage item.

After a baggage is checked-in, the Air Carrier will thus take risks for its contents, package, and carriage to the specified destination.

Free Baggage Allowance

The Air Carrier has established toll-free baggage allowances as follows:
Econom, 20kg including 5kg of hand luggage;
Business, 30kg including 10kg of hand luggage;
Infants (below 2 YOA), 10kg including 5kg of hand luggage + portable baby stroller.

For each kilogram of baggage in excess of the allowances listed above, passengers will pay RUB 170. For oversized baggage in excess of the allowances listed above, passengers will pay as determined by the Airline officer at the check-in counter. Toll-free baggage allowances are established as 20 kg regardless of the flight destination (excluding infants below 2 YOA).

At the check-in counter, passengers shall submit all items to be transported, excluding items to be used by them during embarkation, disembarkation, or flight.

Regardless of factual sizes, the Airline views certain items listed below as separate pieces of baggage with the three dimensions’ total of 203 cm. – sleeping bag; backpack or rucksack or similar sack; one pair of skis with accessories; golf bag filled with equipment; bicycle; one pair of water skis; fishing equipment; sports equipment (i.e. bow, cross-bow, and arrows) and related gear and accessories, with the total weight not exceeding 5 kg; or a musical instrument with its length not exceeding 100 cm.

Toll-free allowances shall not be applied to:

  • A baggage item regardless of its name and application, if the total outside dimensions of the package exceed 203 cm (length + width + height for each item);
  • Any items regardless of their name and application, if a piece’s weight exceeds 20 kg;
  • TV sets, voice recorders, mini audio systems, or personal computers, with a piece’s weight exceeding 10 kg;
  • Flowers, plants, edible greens, dried plants, branches of trees or bushes, with the total weight exceeding 5 kg; and courier deliveries and parcels.

To the items, plants and courier deliveries as specified above, the Airline applies the excessive baggage fees, in consideration of the factual weight and regardless of the amount of other items belonging to such passenger and to be transported as baggage.

When a group of passengers has a common purpose of the trip (as confirmed by appropriate documents) and intends to fly by the same aircraft along the same route to the same destination (i.e. mission, family, the tourist or sports team, or other group), the Airline will, upon such passengers’ request or consent, apply toll-free allowances jointly for the entire group/team/family, by adding up all toll-free baggage allowances that would be provided to each member of the group/team/family, if they were traveling separately. In the case when such joint toll-free allowance is applied, all documents related to the baggage acceptance and issuance shall specify name of the head of such group/family/team.

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Oversized Baggage
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The passenger is obliged to inform the carrier or his agent about transportation of oversized baggage when booking a place on an aircraft or acquisition passenger ticket.