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Hand Baggage

Unchecked Baggage

Unchecked baggage means the baggage that is allowed for transportation in the aircraft cabin, has the ‘Cabin” tag placed onto it, and is not included into the free baggage allowances. Passengers solely bear all risks of loss in relation to their hand luggage.

Any piece of unchecked baggage shall not exceed 10kg in weight, with the total of its three dimensions not exceeding 115cm (55x40x20 cm). Passengers are not allowed to carry more than one piece of unchecked baggage.

In excess of the stated allowances passengers may take with them the following items free of charge (personal belongings / hand luggage), if a passenger has them at hand and not placed into the baggage – women’s handbag or case; paper folder; umbrella; walking-stick; bunch of flowers; outer garments; printed media to read during flight; kid’s food; mobile phone; photo camera; video camera; laptop; suit bag with a suit; flight baby cot if a baby is present; crutches, or stretchers (if a passenger really needs such items). Portable wheel-chairs shall be carried as checked baggage free of charge.

Baby bassinettes, including portable strollers, shall be carried in the baggage compartment as checked-in baggage and in excess of the stated allowances. Passengers may use bassinettes and strollers until their embarkation and immediately prior to embarkation, bassinettes and strollers shall be transferred for loading into the baggage compartment.


Passengers shall bear all risks of loss in relation to their hand luggage and personal belongings transported in the aircraft cabin, while the Air Carrier shall not bear any responsibility for the said. If a flight specified in the ticket has been interrupted, passengers shall take with them all their hand luggage and personal belongings from the cabin, when disembarking

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Fragile baggage shall be accepted for carriage.