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Excess Baggage

Passengers, families and groups shall inform the Carrier in advance (when booking a seat or buying a ticket) of the weight and number of additional baggage and pay for its transportation. One piece of additional baggage shall not exceed 32 kg and 203 cm.

Additional Baggage Allowance

Passengers shall pay for their additional baggage according to applicable fees in effect on the payment date for the entire route from the departure point to the destination point.

If at the departure point a passenger submits a lesser amount of baggage than was booked and paid for, the Airline will return to such passenger the fee difference between the booked and actual weight of the baggage.

If at the departure point a passenger submits more baggage than was booked and paid for, the Passenger will pay for the baggage that exceeds the free baggage allowance or the weight paid for earlier.

Oversized Baggage

Oversized checked baggage is accepted for transportation with the prior consent of the Carrier.

Weight and size limits for a piece of oversized baggage are 32kg and 203cm. If a baggage exceeds the limits stated above, it shall be carried as cargo. 

Oversized baggage may include sports equipment, musical instruments, audio equipment, video equipment, TV sets, refrigerators, electric ovens, non-portable baby bassinettes, bicycles, wheel-chairs, etc.
Oversized baggage shall be weighted at a check-in counter. If its weight exceeds 32 kg, the Airline will apply the double fee per each kilogram.

If you need to carry an oversized baggage, you shall inform the Air Carrier, when booking your seat or buying the ticket.
If a flight is performed by more than one carrier, the carrier that handles booking shall request consent of all carriers to carry the oversized baggage.

Oversized baggage shall not be accepted for transportation unless sizes of loading hatches and baggage compartments are sufficient enough to handle and place such baggage on-board.

Oversized baggage shall have fastenings to secure the item during transportation to/from an aircraft and during flight.

The Carrier has the right to refuse transporting of an oversized baggage item, if it does not comply with the requirements set forth herein.

Toll-free allowances shall not be applied to oversized baggage, as the Airline applies special fees.

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Oversized Baggage
Sports Equipment
The passenger is obliged to inform the carrier or his agent about transportation of oversized baggage when booking a place on an aircraft or acquisition passenger ticket.