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Baggage Services

Information about delayed or missing baggage and property you may have left on board.

  • Search of the baggage owner
  • Search of registered baggage
  • Mishandled and undocumented baggage

Baggage Services

The passenger shall claim for his/her registered baggage when the Carrier provided it for receipt in the airport (point) of destination. 

The registered baggage shall be dispensed to the passenger or another person after presentation of the identification baggage tag portion for each baggage article. In case the person claiming for the baggage cannot present the boarding card and the identification baggage tag portion, the Carrier can give the baggage to such person only if he/she discloses evidences of his/her rights to this baggage.

The baggage shall be dispensed in the airport, to which the baggage was accepted for transportation. However, upon the passenger’s request, the baggage can be dispensed in the passenger’s point of departure before the beginning of carriage, in case baggage dispensing is not prohibited in these points by the set rules and in case time and circumstances allow the dispensing. In case the baggage is dispensed in the point of departure all amounts paid to the Carrier for carriage of this baggage can be returned only with the Carrier’s consent.

Business class passengers’ baggage shall be delivered to the arrival lounge and dispensed in the first turn.

In case of any baggage claim problems the passenger can refer to the Carrier’s personnel or the service company in the airport. 

Search of the baggage owner

The passenger’s baggage can be stored free of charge in the airport of arrival during 2 days, including the day of arrival of the aircraft, which delivered the registered baggage. Further baggage storage shall be provided by the Carrier or the service company. A fee set in accordance with the RF civil legislation shall be charged for baggage storage above the free storage period from the passenger owning the baggage.

The baggage, which was not delivered to the airport of destination when due in accordance with the passenger’s carriage document due to the Carrier’s fault shall be stored at the Carrier’s cost. The passenger’s baggage without the baggage tag, which owner is not identified, shall be deemed undocumented baggage.

The passenger’s baggage not claimed within 6 months upon its delivery to the airport of destination, including undocumented baggage, shall be deemed unclaimed and realized or destroyed by the Carrier in accordance with the RF legislation.

The Carrier or its authorized agent shall within the set storage period before realization of the baggage as unclaimed baggage take measures to search for the passenger owning the baggage.

In case the search of the registered baggage owner gave positive results, the Carrier or its agent shall send a written notice to the registered baggage owner on the necessity to claim for the baggage and the order of the baggage claim or delivery.

Hand baggage left or forgotten by the passenger on board the aircraft shall be stored in the airport within 6 months upon the aircraft’s arrival at the airport, and then it can be realized or destroyed in the order set by the RF regulatory legal instruments.

Perishable products in the unclaimed baggage shall be destroyed in case of spoiling. Impossibility of their further storage in the baggage shall be executed by a certificate confirming the fact of spoiling.

The holder of the baggage tag shall have the right within 6 months upon delivery of the tag to claim for the money earned from sale of unclaimed items from the Carrier or its authorized agent with retention of fees due to the Carrier.

Search of registered baggage

In case the Carrier did not dispense the registered baggage to a passenger in the airport of destination, the Carrier shall, upon the passenger’s written claim, take necessary measures to search for the registered baggage upon the passenger’s presentation of the baggage irregularity report.   

In case the Carrier did not dispense the registered baggage subject to customs clearance in the airport, to which the baggage had to be delivered subject to the passenger air carriage contract, the Carrier shall notify the passenger on the actions to be taken by the passenger in accordance with the customs legislation of the RF or the country, to the territory of which the baggage had to be delivered, for delivery of the baggage to the passenger’s specified address.

In case the registered baggage has not been found within 21 days upon presentation of the baggage irregularity report, the passenger shall be entitled to indemnification of damage caused by the loss of the registered baggage. 

In case the registered baggage is found, the Carrier shall ensure free notification of the owner of the registered baggage and its delivery to the airport (point) specified by the passenger and, upon the passenger’s request, delivery to the specified address.

Mishandled and undocumented baggage

In case of arrival at the airport of the registered baggage with specification on its numbered baggage tag of an airport (point) differing from the airport(s) (point(s)), to which the baggage (mishandled baggage) had to be delivered subject to the passenger air carriage contract, or of the registered baggage, which arrived at the airport without the numbered baggage tag and was not claimed by the passenger (undocumented baggage), the Carrier shall search for the owner of such baggage and provide storage place during the entire period needed to search for the baggage owner. The Carrier shall execute a certificate in respect of the undocumented baggage. The undocumented baggage shall be weighed and opened and its content shall be registered and sealed. The baggage shall be opened by the commission formed by the Carrier or the service company. Upon detection of compliance of the undocumented baggage with the baggage claims the baggage shall be delivered in accordance with this claim.  

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