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Nordwind provides you with more leeway for your flights. We know how important baggage allowance is to you, so in order to help you find the right answer, we have provided all necessary information about our baggage allowances in this section. Here you can find baggage allowances for both Business and Economy classes as well as information on carrying dangerous items on board.

Size and Weight

Business Class

Your baggage allowance in the business class is several baggage items with total weigh up to 40 kilograms including hand baggage, provided that weight of one item doesn't exceed 32 kilos. Dimensions shall not exceed 203 cm. 

Economy Class

Your baggage allowance in the economy cabin is one baggage item which can weigh up to 20 kilograms and hand baggage up to 5 kilos. Please note that a passenger can also take on board the following personal belongings: a ladies' handbag or a brief case; a paper folder; an umbrella, a cane; a bunch of flowers; overclothes; print media for reading in flight; baby food; a cell phone; a photo camera; a video camera; a portable PC; a suit in a garment cover; crutches, a band barrow (if passenger needs them). 

Information on Liquids

Currently Russian airports restrict transportation of fluids, gels, and sprays in the hand luggage. For purposes of these Rules, fluids include water and other beverages, soups, and syrups; cosmetic creams, lotions, and oils; perfumes; sprays; gels; any aerosols; pastes; mixes of fluids and solids; mascara; and any other similar substances. Passengers are permitted to carry on-board the items or substances listed above, provided such substances are packed into containers with volume not exceeding 100 ml and the total volume of such substances shall not exceed 1L. Such containers shall be packed into transparent plastic bags. Each passenger may have only one such bag in his/her hand luggage. 
Passengers are forbidden to exceed the hand luggage limits specified in the previous paragraph, except for kid’s food required for a child during flight and medicines required during flight. (However, during the pre-flight inspection, passengers will have to confirm that they really need such items or things during flight). Any items not complying with these limits and requirements shall be left at the airport storage.
Passengers are allowed to transport beverages and perfumes bought in duty-free shops at airports as well as on-board of aircraft. Any fluids and gels purchased as stated above shall be packed and sealed in such duty-free shop. The packing seal is valid for 24 hours.
It is permitted to carry the following items with the passenger (personal property): medical thermometer – one per passenger; mercury tonometer in a standard case – one per passenger; mercury barometer or manometer packed in a sealed container or sealed by the sender; disposable lighter – one per passenger; dry ice to cool perishable products – up to 2 kg per passenger; 3% hydric dioxide – up to 100 ml per passenger; 
It is permitted to carry the following items and substances on board the aircraft in the registered baggage in cargo and baggage compartments with in-flight restricted access of passengers to the baggage: 

  • Crossbows, submarine hunting guns, sticks, sabers, cutters, ataghans, broadswords, swards, skewers, bayonets, daggers, knives: hunting knives, knives with sliding blades, with locks; imitators of any weapons.  
  • Utility knives (scissors) with the length of the blade over 60 mm; alcoholic drinks with the content of spirit of over 24% but no more than 70% in reservoirs with the capacity of no more than 5 l, in a retail package – no more than 5 l per one passenger.
  • Liquids and alcoholic drinks with the volume content of spirit of no more than 24%
    Aerosols meant for sport or domestic usage, exhaust valves of barrels protected with caps from spontaneous exhaust of the content in reservoirs with the capacity of no more than 0,5 kg or 500 ml – no more than 2 kg or 2 l per one passenger; 


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Oversized Baggage
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The passenger is obliged to inform the carrier or his agent about transportation of oversized baggage when booking a place on an aircraft or acquisition passenger ticket.