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Families and Children

Transportation of Passengers With Children

The child’s date of birth shall be specified in the ticket. When buying the ticket and at check-in, the accompanying passenger shall show to the Transporter (or his authorized agent) a document confirming the age of the child. The age of the child shall be determined on the day the transportation begins. The Transporter (or his authorized agent) shall have the right to verify the child’s age.

Families and children

The exit of infant children from the Russian territory shall be regulated by the laws of the Russian Federation. The infant child shall leave the territory of the Russian Federation together with at least one parent, foster parent, fiduciary or tutor. Should the minor citizen of the Russian Federation leave the Russian Federation unaccompanied, he shall, in addition to the passport for travelling abroad, be in possession of a notarized statement of the consent of the above mentioned persons for exit of the minor citizen with indication of the duration of exit and the country that he intends to visit.

At request of the passenger made in advance but not later than 24 hours before departure, the child may be provided with baby foods (BBML). Should a prior request be not made when booking the ticket, children of up to 2 years old (without individual place) shall not be provided with meals on board. Passengers travelling with children of up to 2 years old shall not be placed on board near emergency exits and safety equipment.

Pregnant women

Transportation of pregnant women shall be carried out under general conditions if made not later than 4 weeks before the assumed delivery date. Pregnant women expecting delivery within the next 4 weeks, or if possible complications might be anticipated due to multiple fetation or pathologies, shall have to present a written consent of the doctor for flight. The passengers of this category shall be admitted to transportation on the condition that the Transporter be not responsible for eventual negative consequences for the mother or the fetus to be confirmed by the passenger signing a respective obligation. The medical certification shall be formalized not earlier than 7 days before the flight.

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