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Economy Class

We provide you with both comfort and economic travelling

You can now enjoy economy class with its most comfortable style. Both stylish and elite, economy flights have never been more comfortable. We provide distinguished meals and gratifying comfort. You will feel like a dove; pure and peaceful, while travelling in economy class.

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Economy Class

Bliss & Serenity

Feel at home sitting on our comfortable, ergonomic and luxurious leather seats.

  • Luxury Leather
  • 75 cm Seat Pitch
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Economy Class

Tasty Delicacies

The wide selection of foods we offer will make you smile. Our experienced flight chefs will be cooking the best food for you.

Enjoy your flight

Ergonomic and soft seats will make you feel like you are sitting on your couch at home. We strive to make you feel safe and relaxed.

You will not miss a thing while we serve you the best food and provide you with the most entertaining movies from our wide selection. Once you have had your delicious meal, you can enjoy a movie accompanied by a fruit cocktail.

The screens showing the whereabouts of the aircraft will accompany you through the whole journey. If you wish to have some peace and quiet, you can use the earplugs provided in the amenities bag in the pocket attached to the seat, or you can read our magazine included in the pocket.

Fragile baggage shall be accepted for carriage.
Top Destination
Cancun is the country of infinite variety and fantastic contrasts.
We offer you the best because what we are looking for is for you to enjoy your flight to the full extent.