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Nordwind History


Nordwind Airlines is a leading airline company in Russia air transport industry with worldwide destinations to 11 countries and 52 cities.

In 2008, when Nordwind Airlines was founded, we offered our customers six destinations with three aircraft. By 2009, Nordwind has bought four additional aircraft and started travelling to new destinations. In 2012, Nordwind has bought eighteen new aircraft. By 2014, the fleet has grown to 20 units and were transported 4.4 mln. passengers.


We owe our rapid growth to the loyalty of our customers

By the beginning of 2015 the flights are carried out from 33 Airports of the Russian Federation to the most popular tourist destinations, including 10 cities in 5 countries in Europe. The total number of flight hours of our airline is 412808. With the opening of new areas and investments in its fleet, the airline Nordwind Airlines was able to become a global brand.

We are offering you unique destinations

For 6 years the company has increased its fleet to 20 aircraft of four types: Airbus 321, Boeing 737, Boeing 767 and Boeing 777. Regarding the transport of passengers - in 2008 was transported 20,000 passengers in 2009, 555,000 passengers, in 2010 1.2 million passengers, in 2011 to 1.7 million passengers in 2012 - 2.2 million passengers in 2013 already 3.4 million passengers in 2014 4.4 million. passengers (twice more than in 2012).

Nordwind’s fleet organization strategy is focused on reducing inefficient flying and implementing a strong discipline in terms of capacity, 
​by matching the right size aircraft with each market.  

We offer you the best because what we are looking for is for you to enjoy your flight to the full extent.
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Fragile baggage shall be accepted for carriage.