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It is forbidden to carry the following items in both hold and hand baggage: explosives, gases, flammable fluids and solids, toxic substances and radioactive materials, fire arms. It is also prohibited to carry bladed articles, aerosols in containers with capacity exceeding 500 ml , as well as liquids with total volume of 1 liter in containers with capacity exceeding 100 ml (excluding medicines, infant food and special food) in hand baggage. Liquids purchased in duty-free shops are to be packed in sealed plastic bags.
Usually the crew takes the pram before the flight and return it back after the flight. However, you cannot possibly use it during the flight.
You should contact our representatives who  are responsible for cancelling your flight and rebooking.
Yes, you should carry your ID card with you at all times even when you are at the gates.
Currently Russian airports restrict transportation of fluids, gels, and sprays in the hand luggage. For purposes of these Rules, fluids include water and other beverages, soups, and syrups; cosmetic creams, lotions, and oils; perfumes; sprays; gels; any aerosols; pastes; mixes of fluids and solids; mascara; and any other similar substances. Passengers are permitted to carry on-board the items or substances listed above, provided such substances are packed into containers with volume not exceeding 100 ml and the total volume of such substances shall not exceed 1L. Such containers shall be packed into transparent plastic bags. Each passenger may have only one such bag in his/her hand luggage.
Passengers are allowed to transport beverages and perfumes bought in duty-free shops, provided such beverages and perfumes are packed and sealed.
Check-in begins 3 hours prior to departure and ends 40 minutes prior to departure. Passenger of international flights are recommended to arrive at the airport 2 hour prior to departure.
All Nordwind flights are non-smoking and this policy also applies for electronic cigarettes.
To avoid interference with aircraft control and communication systems passengers are forbidden to use digital game devices, photo and vidio cameras, cell phones, radios, transistor receivers and other electronic devices except acoustic apparatus, cardio equipment, electronic alarm-clock, calculator, portable PC and player.  
Yes, if you are travelling with a group of adults. No, if you are travelling with a child.